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Using YouTube and Optimizing your Videos – Tips from SEO Companies

Many people have decided to use videos for SEO purposes, and this is a great idea. While it is still relatively new when compared with more conventional search engine optimization tactics, it is one that is quickly gaining some speed. SEO Companies are starting to recommend the use of video SEO to their clients because they have seen positive results with it. Whether or not video SEO is right for your business is entirely up to you. In general, the more SEO you do, the better your site and or web page will rank.

The first thing that people think of when they hear the phrase YouTube and Optimizing your Videos“videos on the Internet” is YouTube. YouTube has grown astronomically in the last five years. It is a video hosting website and it has the most video searches out of any website in the world (other than Google, of course). If you want your video to get noticed, you need to have a presence on YouTube. This will definitely help your company develop its brand awareness. Furthermore, you will be able to be shared socially through YouTube, as they have icons that allow you to share easily through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

While YouTube is a great way to get noticed, you should not limit your presence here. You will also probably want to show your video on your own site, a blog, or through other social media sites. For example, if you are showing a product demo or something like that, it would be really useful to have this right on your site. You can embed a YouTube video straight on to your site. Whether you are doing it on YouTube or through your own site, you still want to ensure you are using the proper keywords and tags in your video, page and title to make sure you’re getting the most out of the SEO possibilities. Now that we have talked about YouTube.

Let’s talk about 5 quick ways from SEO Companies to optimize your video for SEO purposes.
  • Optimize the Title and description with your keywords
  • Keep the page around the video free of other big things like pictures, other videos and slow loading content. You need your video to load fast otherwise people will not wait for it, and search engines will stop sending people to your site.
  • Make sure there is good content on the website to give the search engines some context for your video. This helps them rank it better.
  • Include your keywords or descriptive words in the URL – do not just leave it as a generic URL.
  • Include links to other things in your videos – this is a common practice done by many SEO companies on YouTube already. In fact, you’ve probably already seen a few videos with this done in it.

Saving Money on SEO

There are many ways in which you can save money when trying to attempt SEO. With a bit of education you can not only learn how to handle some of the monitoring and progress of your site but you will also be afforded the skills to handle some of the smaller SEO details such as the article writing or keyword analysis. These items can save you a lot of money when you compare it to the costs you would be burdened with when hiring a professional company to handle every SEO aspect.

Save MoneyBear in mind that you do not need to hire a company to complete SEO work. You can do it yourself. SEO involves restructuring your site, your content creation, market research, link building, and public relations. If you are new, the learning curve might be steep but it might also be worth the time when you compare it to the money you will save.

If you end up doing it yourself be sure to take an SEO course and join forums. You can free software or content management software to aid you. This might be expensive but will also ensure that you can avoid many of the technical problems associated with SEO content.

Also note that search engines are attracted to content. The more content you have, the better the chances are that you will be seen.

Think of your website content like a magazine publisher: publish new content often. You need to build links to your website after you have the site content. If you don’t have links, your website will essentially be invisible.

Submit your new content to site directors, develop and issue press releases with links to your site, and get any partners to link to your website. Put a link to your website in your online signature for emails and other correspondence. There is no such thing as too many links so long as they serve as an accurate representation of your website.


If you want to plan for the long term, try a hybrid approach. It might be worth the investment to pay for some consulting. This would mean a professional who evaluates your market niche and your site. Consulting only takes a few hours and is worth the money. It is very difficult to start on the wrong path and try to recover. It is costly as well. This is why starting off correctly can pay high dividends. Ask your consultant to provide you with a strategy for SEO. Some will do this but others won’t.

Most importantly, be sure that your site has no technical issues. You can ask the consultant to ensure that it will be crawled and all of your content is appropriately structured.

You can readily use keyword tools and content generation to do keyword research on your own and you might even be able to take on link building.

Like any professional service be sure to monitor and measure the work so that it aligns with your business goals.