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Press Release Coverage With Help From A SEO Agency

From time to time the business world sends out press releases that get picked up by a variety of different news media outlets. At one point this was only for the world of film and marketing, but today, anyone can have a good press release published, but you will not get anywhere if you do it on your own. There is a science to this, and getting picked up by the right pages can make or break your optimization protocol. There is a great deal of opportunity that exists in the world press release creation, distribution and more. It takes a strong SEO firm to fully commit to the writing and distribution elements, and you’ll reap the benefits if you hire the right company to work with.

The Two Options of Press Releases

SEOThere are two major options that you can traverse when it comes to this solution. The first being writing and managing it all yourself. You could, in theory, do this yourself, much like millions of people will say that they are working on their own SEO. The problem with this is that you may not have the experience or network connections to get your page read throughout the internet and within a lot of different press solutions. If you want to ensure that you are getting a lot of attention, then you will absolutely want to chase the solutions that are going to help you get to the right elements of design protocol.

The second solution is going to help you get to the right people, and publish your release on a lot of different pages. This means that you will need to look into the hiring and use of a SEO agency that knows how to build and release these elements moving forward. When you do that, you will be able to gain the confidence of getting published and fed through the right channels.

Distribution Woes

Distributing a good press release is the key to getting people to your site, building backlinks, and generating traffic from media sources. Some of the biggest sites in the world publish these including newspapers that are 100% online, and even Google, Yahoo, and Bing news sites. If you are listed within the big 3, you are guaranteed to get a push into the right direction. This is something that you cannot do with other options and something that can make or break your influence on the web. The distribution of information through the channels online are going to give you a great deal of influence, guaranteed. However, if you get distribution from a company that doesn’t work within this field, you may find that no one reads your stuff, you will receive no click through, and search engines will not index your domain name. It’s for that reason that you should expel all haste.

Overdoing It Is Easy

The one thing that you want to avoid is publishing too many of these. There’s a point of no return when it comes to search engine placement. There are some sites that are going to thrive within the world of marketing and some that are going to force you right out of contention with competitors. The problem is that you can easily overdo it. Overdoing it within press releases means that you’re publishing far too many, too often, or the writing is not up to par with solid relationships that form within certain industries and niches.

If the competition that you’re trying to trump isn’t releasing any sort of coverage of this type, then you need to focus on building something to trump them, but don’t assume that you can blanket the internet wires with these and get away with it. Too often companies over do this and end up eliminating any sort of edge that they have from building it correctly. If you post too much, you will end up losing market share and possibly get penalized for spam. Spamming these are not good, but if you have a legitimate reason to publish many, then the content will have to be very good to get away from the notion that you’re a spam company or artist.

Mixing Up SEO Protocol

Search engine optimization is something that most people don’t really understand. You will need to work with various stages of optimization if you’re going to possess the right elements to move forward. Only when you diversify your reach will you be able to gain leverage in traffic and more. Mixing up the optimization strategy that you have is a matter of hiring the right company to work with.

When interviewing companies make sure that you ask them how they are going to implement the right elements to help you get a good piece of the traffic pie within search rankings. If you don’t ask them, you may be subjugated to a lot of lackluster results. There are a lot of companies that are claiming to be masters of SEO and leaving clients behind in the dust, all because they aren’t delivering on the promise of setting up a diverse array of options in the world of internet marketing.

Internet marketing is not just about SEO it’s part of a bigger picture and that’s where press release are, in the bigger picture, not the sole element of marketing.

Saving Money on SEO

There are many ways in which you can save money when trying to attempt SEO. With a bit of education you can not only learn how to handle some of the monitoring and progress of your site but you will also be afforded the skills to handle some of the smaller SEO details such as the article writing or keyword analysis. These items can save you a lot of money when you compare it to the costs you would be burdened with when hiring a professional company to handle every SEO aspect.

Save MoneyBear in mind that you do not need to hire a company to complete SEO work. You can do it yourself. SEO involves restructuring your site, your content creation, market research, link building, and public relations. If you are new, the learning curve might be steep but it might also be worth the time when you compare it to the money you will save.

If you end up doing it yourself be sure to take an SEO course and join forums. You can free software or content management software to aid you. This might be expensive but will also ensure that you can avoid many of the technical problems associated with SEO content.

Also note that search engines are attracted to content. The more content you have, the better the chances are that you will be seen.

Think of your website content like a magazine publisher: publish new content often. You need to build links to your website after you have the site content. If you don’t have links, your website will essentially be invisible.

Submit your new content to site directors, develop and issue press releases with links to your site, and get any partners to link to your website. Put a link to your website in your online signature for emails and other correspondence. There is no such thing as too many links so long as they serve as an accurate representation of your website.


If you want to plan for the long term, try a hybrid approach. It might be worth the investment to pay for some consulting. This would mean a professional who evaluates your market niche and your site. Consulting only takes a few hours and is worth the money. It is very difficult to start on the wrong path and try to recover. It is costly as well. This is why starting off correctly can pay high dividends. Ask your consultant to provide you with a strategy for SEO. Some will do this but others won’t.

Most importantly, be sure that your site has no technical issues. You can ask the consultant to ensure that it will be crawled and all of your content is appropriately structured.

You can readily use keyword tools and content generation to do keyword research on your own and you might even be able to take on link building.

Like any professional service be sure to monitor and measure the work so that it aligns with your business goals.